Almost ready…again.

It’s been a while since a real blog post and a real ride on two wheels, but that time has finally arrived. I’m FINALLY ready for the 2013 riding season, on the DR with a new tire, new fork seals and a renewed want to ride. last year was a bit of a bust, having the blues and all, but this year I have a renewed need to ride on two wheels. I’ve even considered vlogging again! We’ll see whether I do…Let’s just way my renewed interest was inspired by a special someone 😉

Back up and running…again.

It’s been a while since I’ve done anything with the site, but when I noticed last week that Joomla once again crapped the bed I decided to change to the “dark side” and move over to WordPress. So far the change has been a positive one. I look forward to learning this new CMS, and providing you with new content. Until the next post…

Thanks for stopping by!

Lost… :(

I lost my Vado HD 🙁

I have no clue where it is, nor any clue where  2 of my three 2GB SD cards are, so I decided to buy a new Vado HD listed on Ebay. Next purchase will be an SD card or two. Why? You never know I just might start making videos again. I also realized that my current card reader won’t read SDHC cards, so I’ll be needing to buy a new one of those, too.

Riding season delayed.

While I’ve been  watching posts and the occasional vlog from those that have been riding for some time now, my riding season has been delayed a bit. Either weather, work, or home duties have conspired to delay my 2012 riding season. Hopefully my season will come soon.

One down, many to go…

I took my first ride of the season last Sunday. It was on the venerable DR650, and even though it was a short one (a whopping 34 miles), it was a good start to the riding season for me. No break downs and no accidents always make for  a good ride. While en route, I stopped at the local Advance Auto parts for a new battery for the GS550, which I found earlier in the day to be bad. The battery was 4 or 5 years old anyway, so it was to be expected. I plan on installing the new electrical storage device later this weekend. To be honest, I expected failure sooner than this. Also in the works are new top end gaskets for the 550. It’s been leaking for some time, and I’ve finally tired of the oily mess. The cheap aftermarket Athena and Vesrah gasket sets that I used previously are, in my opinion, not adequate. This time it’s OEM for all parts.

Chomping at the bit!

It has been quite a while sine I’ve updated this blog, I know, but that’s the way things are during winter here in the northeast US. I’ve been longing for the comfort of riding  motorized two wheeled vehicle (a.k.a motorcycle). I’ve even dreamt about it recently. This winter has been unusually mild, but I’ve decided I’ll keep the bikes sheltered I’m until I’m sure the weather  is good enough for a nice long ride.

Summer is over (2011)

Well, summer is officially over. It seems like it was only yesterday that the 2011 riding season started, and now it’s ending. It doesn’t feel like I rode that many miles this year, at least not as many as last year. I think that the Deals Gap trip made up at least half of my riding mileage for the season. The 2011 season just doesn’t seem complete. It feels a little off or odd. The first part of the season was spent preparing the DR for the DG trip instead of riding a lot, then an accident took the life of a friend at the Deals Gap meet-up. It feels like the riding season never really took off for me. Maybe next year will be different.